Vitamix V1200 vs a3500 – Why a3500 Is Best?

If you are getting a blender for personal or commercial use, either the Vitamix v1200 or a3500 is the best choice for you. However, a3500 proves to be the best on all fronts, and we will share in detail with you the comparison and differences of Vitamix V1200 vs a3500.

The Vitamix a3500 turns out to be the best with performance and some other features which the v1200 lacks.

Quick Comparison Between Vitamix V1200 and Vitamix a3500


vitamix 1200
vitamix a3500


10.5 x 8 x 17 in

11 x 8 x 17 in


2.2-peak HP

2.2-peak HP


11.86 lbs

14.92 lbs

Timer Function



Vitamix App




64 Ounces

64 Ounces




Available Colors

Black, Red, Slate, & White

Black, Red, Slate, & Graphite

Pulse function



Variable Speed



programmed settings



Self Cleaning




BPA Free Plastic

BPA Free Plastic


10 Years

10 Years



What makes Vitamix a3500 the best?

  • The Vitamix a3500 boasts an easy-to-use touch interface. You just need to touch to initiate the operation of the blender. It is a feature that is not present in the v1200 blender as it only has a button interface.
  • The program presets of Vitamix a3500 makes it useful for hot soups, frozen desserts, self-cleaning, smoothies, and puree. While the Vitamix v1200 doesn’t come with such a preset program.
  • The Vitamix a3500 also comes with a system that allows it to be compatible with the Vitamix app so that you can easily control the machine with your mobile devices. The feature is absent from the v1200 blender.
  • Noise could be one of the turnoffs with Vitamix v1200, while Vitamix a3500 comes with a metal base that helps to reduce the noise of the blender when in operation.

Let’s Check The Main Differences Between Vitamix v1200 and a3500

Preset Buttons

With five presets settings for hot soups, puree, frozen desserts, smoothies, and self-cleaning, the Vitamix a3500 offers you all the comfort you need to achieve any blending task. You can achieve any kind of task by blending fruits, food, and many more.

However, the feature is absent with the Vitamix v1200. So, you can always get to find your way with blending all kinds of things which you could do easily with an a3500 but just pressing a button.

Smoothie Cup

If you are a smoothie lover and will love to have a smoothie cup as an added accessory to your blender package, then you should go for the Vitamix v1200. It comes with a smoothie cup and bowl, which means you do not have to use the low-profile container always.

The feature is not present in the Vitamix a3500, but it has a preset for a smoothie, which means you do not have to worry about a bowl or smoothie cup.

Wireless Connectivity

The truth remains that no one will ever reject a product that makes life easier. The Vitamix a3500 thus comes with all you need in its bag, and one of them is the ability to connect with your mobile device. You just need to download the Vitamix app on your mobile device.

The Vitamix app works on IOS devices and android. So, you can control the blender from your mobile device and instruct it on what to do. The feature is nowhere to be found in v1200, which means you have to always get closer to the blender before you can operate anything.

Blade Scraper

The Vitamix v1200 comes with a blade scraper to ensure you do not leave any residue behind after blending anything. Well, you need this with the blender because it doesn’t have a self-cleaning setting.

The Vitamix a3500 doesn’t come with the blade scraper, but indeed, it is of no use because the self-cleaning mode can get all dirt out of the container and ensure no residue is left behind.


The Vitamix a3500 thus has a self-cleaning setting that makes it all easy for you to maintain the blender after use. You do not have to touch the blade or the inside of the container before you can clean it. Just pour water into the container and allow it to run for minutes.

The Vitamix v1200 doesn’t have this feature but has a blade scraper that helps ensure you find it easy to get rid of some ingredients that hide under the blade when washing it.

Similarities Between Vitamix v1200 and a3500

Variable Speed and Pulse Button

The two blenders are blessed with ten variable speeds on the knob, which put you in total control of whatever you are blending. You can use the speed volume anytime to achieve the texture of whatever you are blending.

So, you can choose the rate at which you want the blender to operate to get your desired result. Also, it has a pulse button that can crush into anything to ensure you don’t have a poor finish soup or smoothie.

Also, the pulse button is best used to handle tough ingredients and speeds up the blending process for those who do not have the luxury of time to waste.

Motor Power

The Vitamix a3500 and v1200 both have the same motor with 2.2 horsepower. The professional motor comes with a base that has a radial cooling fan and thermal protection, which ensures that the blender remains cool whenever you are using it.

Even if you use it for a longer period, it still remains cool, and if it gets too hot, it will automatically shut off.

Digital Timer

The timer function helps you to monitor what you are blending. Both the two blenders have this feature, and that places you in total control over whatever you are blending. You just have to set the time as per your recipe and allow the blender to do the rest of the work.


The Vitamix a3500 and v1200 come with a 64 oz low profile container that is big enough to make soup or anything in a large batch. Also, the v1200 has an additional container in the smoothie cup with the capacity of 20 0z and an 8 oz bowl.

Each of them is made from BPA-free materials, which makes it safe to use for your baby food and others. It is indeed safe to use.


With over ten years warranty for the two blenders, you’ve got yourself a great deal. They are made from high-quality materials which support the years of usage. Even if you are using the blender heavily, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


Also, the Vitamix a3500 and v1200 come with a tamper, which is used for pushing your recipe close to the blade for a perfect texture. Some blending tasks require the use of the tamper as it is not safe for you to use your hand. Also, the Vitamix v1200 has a tamper head while the a3500 doesn’t, so you have to be careful with the latter when using it.

Stainless Steel Blade

The blade of the Vitamix a3500 and v1200 are made from stainless steel material. You should never take your hand closer to the blade whenever the blender is in operation. The blades are very strong and durable, which them viable to smash anything that comes their way.

Also, they are made of rustproof and corrosion-resistant material, so you can be sure you are always safe whenever you are making your food using the blender.

Noise level

The motor base of the Vitamix a3500 helps to reduce the noise when in operation, but it still gives the noise like every other Vitamix blender. The v1200 also makes noise. So, either of the two should never be seen as a quiet blender for no reason. However, it is not a sort of setback for the two blenders.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the container low profile?

The Vitamix a3500 and v1200 both have a low-profile container, making them so easy to get into any kitchen cabinet. Also, they are made from safe materials, which makes them ideal for all kinds of food processing.

Does a smoothie cup come with Vitamix a3500?

With the preset program on the Vitamix a3500, you do not need a smoothie cup or bowl. You have all that you need in one package. The Vitamix v1200 doesn’t have the preset program, which is why it comes with the extras.

How does the Vitamix app works?

The Vitamix v1200 doesn’t have this feature, so it is nothing to worry about if you have one. The Vitamix a3500 comes with the feature. You only need to download the app on your mobile device, then sync it with your blender.

Once that is done, you can control your blender from your mobile device without any issue.

Is the pulse button ever reliable?

If you are not new to blending things with a blender, you should by now know the importance of the pulse button. It does more than what you could ever imagine. The pulse button can help you blast or crush any ingredients to ensure you get the right texture of your recipe.

Also, it helps you to achieve much in a little space of time, which makes it the best button on the blender for those who don’t have much time to spend blending.


This page on Vitamix V1200 vs a3500 opens your eyes to all that you need to know about the differences and similarities of the two blenders. We give all in detail and expect that you find it easy to choose the right one and above all, the Vitamix a3500 is the best.

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