Vitamix e320 vs a2300 – Why a2300 Is Better Than e320?

We all have different reasons for investing in a product, but most buyers who have invested their money in Vitamix a2300 have similar reasons, which proves that it is better than e320. We will focus on this particular topic to share with you the differences and similarities of Vitamix e320 vs a2300.

Quick Comparison Between Vitamix A2300 Vs e320


vitamix e320
vitamix a2300


11 x 8 x 17 inches

17 x 8 x 11 inches


2.2-peak HP

2.2-peak HP





11.86 lbs



64 Ounces

64 Ounces

Digital Timer



Pulse function



Variable Speed



Programmed settings



Self Cleaning




BPA Free Plastic

BPA Free Plastic


7 Years

10 Years



Why is Vitamix a2300 Better Than e320?

The Vitamix a2300 comes with a self-detect feature which ensures that you can have a smooth operation because the blender can easily read the size of the container and adjust the program settings for you. The e320 lacks this feature.

Vitamix a2300 vs e320

The digital timer on the Vitamix a2300 makes it easy for you to time your blending task and ensures you can also do some other tasks without staying close to your blender. The e320 doesn’t have the feature, and that means you have to stay close to the blender at all times whenever you are blending your food.

The Vitamix app is also one of the features that make Vitamix a2300 outstanding and better than the e320. The Vitamix a2300 can work with the Vitamix app once you download the app on your mobile device, and the option is not available with the e320.

Speaking of the warranty of the two blenders, the seven years of e320 is nothing compared to the ten years you get from Vitamix a2300. Overall, investing in the Vitamix a2300 is never a wrong decision to make.

Differences and Similarities Between Vitamix e320 and a2300

The two blenders are unique in their form, and they have similarities and differences, which you need to know.


Not everyone that uses a blender gets to know the importance or functionality of this feature. The self-detect that is present in the Vitamix a2300 is an additional feature that comes as a blessing to anyone that owns or buys the blender.

It works in a way that the motor base of the a2300 will easily recognize the container size you attach and then helps to adjust the speed level too. The function of this feature is to help reduce your human input with blending so that you can do some other things, and the e320 lacks this.

Digital timer

The digital timer is a great feature that all should look out for in a blender. Fortunately, the Vitamix a2300 comes with a digital timer. The timer helps to make it effortless and easy to use the blender. It comes with a setting that allows you to set the time you want to use to prepare your recipe.

Also, it helps in avoiding over and under processing your custom recipe. The Vitamix e320 doesn’t come with this feature, and that makes it sometimes tough and difficult for you to blend your recipe and get the right result without keeping a close tab on the blender activity.

Wireless connectivity

One of the other features which make the Vitamix a2300 unique is that it comes with a wireless connectivity system. You can connect and control your blender from your mobile device once you have it in sync with the Vitamix app.

The app is compatible with any IOS or Android device, which makes it so great to use. Also, the app has 17 programs and 500 plus recipes you can try out so that you don’t get confused or waste time thinking about what to do.


The Vitamix e320 only comes with a seven years warranty which is lesser to the ten years Vitamix a2300 offers. If you are looking for one that will last you longer irrespective of how often you blend, the a2300 is the right option for you.

Similarities Between Vitamix e320 and a2300

Motor power

The power of the two blenders is what makes them super solid and strong to handle anything thrown at them. They boast of 2.2 peak hp motor that can transform any ingredient or recipe into a smooth texture within seconds.

The motor ensures that you can use the two blenders in peace without the fear of getting them damaged. Even if you have to blend all through the day, you have nothing to worry about regarding what the blenders can handle.

The two both come with a motor base that ensures it doesn’t get heat with the help of the cooling fan and the thermal protection system. The system ensures the blender will remain cool whenever you are using it.

Variable speed and pulse

If you are getting a blender, the variable speed is one of the features to consider. The Vitamix a2300 and e320 both come with a variable speed and pulse system. They both have ten variable speeds, which include a pulse button.

With this feature, you can easily keep a close tab on your blending routine and ensure that texture doesn’t come out below or above your expectation. Also, the pulse button does wonders, especially for those who don’t have much time to spend blending.

Once you press the pulse button, you can quickly blend whatever you have within seconds without wasting time. Also, it helps in handling even the toughest ingredients.

Stainless Steel Blade

The Vitamix a2300 and the e320 both boast a strong and powerful stainless-steel blade. The blade is very sharp that it can cut through any recipe or ingredient. It is never advisable that you touch the blade whenever the blender is in operation.

The blade is tough that it can crush anything. Also, they are resistant to corrosion and rust, and that makes them free to make your food. Also, the blade creates friction heat which makes it easy to make hot soups within minutes.


The Vitamix a2300 and e320 both come with a low-profile 64 oz container that is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic material. The container is so easy to fit under any kitchen countertop, and they are designed to fit perfectly on the motor base.

They also come with a covering lid that ensures nothing escapes whenever you are blending or when the blender is in operation. The container is big enough to accommodate a large batch of smoothies or other food you want to prepare.


The Vitamix a2300 and e320 both come with self-cleaning ability. You do not have to worry about how to clean the container after using it for blending your food. All that you need to do is to pour hot water and liquid soap and then allow the machine to run for some minutes.

Once you have run it for some minutes, you can pour away the water and rinse it with clean water before storing it somewhere safe. The self-cleaning system makes it safe to use because you do not have to touch the blade at all.

Noise level

The motor of the Vitamix a2300 and e320 makes it quite hard to achieve a quiet operation. The rate of operation is the reason the two can never operate silently. They run powerfully to ensure you get the best texture with whatever you want to blend.

However, considering the performance of the two blenders, you can easily tell that the noise is manageable and not a significant setback.


One of the goods of the two blenders is that you don’t have any right to be stranded on what to do. They come with a tamper, cooking book, guide, and many more to help you through the operation easily. Even if it is your first-time handling any of the two blenders, you will surely have a smooth experience with it.

Frequently asked questions

How many watts does Vitamix e320?

It is important that you know the power your blender draws for it to work optimally. The Vitamix e320 generates 1580 watts which is the requirement for blenders that have a 2.2 hp motor.

Can I set the timer in the Vitamix a2300?

The design and construction of the blender don’t allow you to manually set the timer. It comes with a digital timer that gives you the platform to just monitor the time for the length it takes to get the result or outcome of your blending activity.

Do Vitamix a2300 and e320 come with the same dimensions?

No. They do not have the same dimensions. The Vitamix e320 has 11 x 8 x 18 inches while Vitamix a2300 comes in 11 x 8 x 17 inches.

Do Vitamix a2300 and Vitamix e320 have tamper?

The two blenders come with a tamper. Although they have differences and the tamper is not one of them.


For those who are looking for the right information to help them decide on the two blenders, we have the right information here for you. This page on Vitamix e320 vs a2300 answers all the questions you have on the two blenders.

We made it so easy for you to make the right choice between the two by sharing the similarities and the differences between the two. However, on all counts, the Vitamix a2300 proves to be the best. It comes with added features that you will not find in the e320. Those features are so important that they make life easy for all blending enthusiasts.

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