Vitamix e320 Vs 5300

Are you currently getting confused between the Vitamix e32 and 5300 Blenders? Do you want to know the actual contrast between them? So, this really is the best place for you!

Below is our comprehensive comparison of Vitamix e320 vs Vitamix 5300. Even though it may seem, both the models are the same,this is due to they’re quite similar but there are certainly noticeable differences. A couple of essential differences set them apart: which can certainly make one more suitable for you than the other. That’s the reason we are writing this post to help our readers to understand the difference.

Vitamix s320 Vs 5200 Vs Comparison Chart

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Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)
  • Variable speed control: easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures.
  • Pulse feature: layer coarse chops over smooth pures for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or t
  • Low-profile 64-ounce container:
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades:
  • Self-cleaning: with a drop of dish soap and warm water, your vitamix machine can clean itself in 30
  • 5-year full warranty:
  • What’s in the box: motor base, low-profile 64 oz. container, getting started guide, low-profile clas
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Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender Black, 64 ozVitamix E320 Explorian Blender Black, 64 oz
  • E320 machine with 2.2 peak hp motor
  • 64 oz low profile bpa-free Tritan container
  • 10 variable speeds + pulse feature
  • 7-year warranty
  • Included components: motor base low-profile 64 oz BPA-free container cookbook owners manual
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Why Vitamix 5300 is Way Better Than e320?

The real difference which made Vitamix 5300 perfect is Its 2.2 HP 1640 watts next-generation motor. Which is able to drive blades through hard components, however, the e320 has a 2.2 HP motor having 1464 watts only.

Carrying 5300 will be much easier as it is much less weighty as compared to e320.
Surprisingly, the 5300 comes with a 4-inch stainless-steel blade that is ideal to make dishes like chunky salsas or even thick vegetable soups. On the other hand, Vitamix e320 comes with a 3-inch stainless steel blade only.

Vitamix 5300 is less noisy as compared to e320 even it comes with highly powerful motor.

So now, I really hope it is fully clear the reason why Vitamix 5300 is superior to e320. Especially, there’s no price difference in price for these blenders. Therefore, the 5300 costs exactly the same but provides more motor power, much less noise, less weight, along with a bigger blade than e320. I revealed important differences, and after this the choice is yours.

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