Vitamix 5300 Reviews

The Vitamix 5300 can be considered as the fusion between an older model, the Vitamix 5200, and a newer model, the Vitamix 7500. It then combines many of the best features of these blenders while also being unique on its own. It’s a blender that fitness fans, athletes and chefs, among other users, like because it’s durable, functional and beautiful – truly, the quintessential Vitamix blender that combines form and function!

Vitamix 5300 blender

Established in 1921, Vitamix is still a company-owned and operated company that specializes in commercial and household blenders. Suffice it to say that Vitamix definitely has the design of blenders down to a science and, as such, it’s considered as among the foremost brands in the niche. Most of its blenders have Swiss-made motors but its assembly occurs in its factories in the United States.

This hybrid blender is among its bestselling models and we aren’t surprised for the above mentioned reasons. Of course, there are a few minor flaws in its design but these can be easily overlooked, thanks to its great overall performance.

Key Features

  • High-performance 2.2 horsepower motor
  • Variable speed control (1-10) for getting the desired texture from coarse to fine
  • Comes with pulse feature for a wide range of recipes, from thin juices to thick vegetable soups
  • 64-ounce container for medium to large blending
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • With self-cleaning mechanism
  • 7-year full warranty
  • Comes with a starter guide
  • Has instructional DVD, too
  • Tamper for better use
  • Can be bought with extra accessories
  • Choice in wet and dry blades

Base Unit and Motor Power

The base unit is stable and sturdy so it can withstand numerous blending cycles without bending under the pressure, so to speak. Even when the blending cycle is set to 10, the highest, the entire blender doesn’t vibrate as much as expected.

The high-performance 2.2 horsepower motor powers the blade such that it can chop, mince and blend solid and liquid ingredients within seconds or minutes depending on their hardness and thickness. Even with frozen ingredients, such as frozen fruits and ice cubes, the motor still performs well and the better it performs, the better the blade performs, too.

A.  Container

The Vitamix 5300 has a 64-ounce container that allows for medium and large batches to be made in quick succession. The clear BPA-free plastic jar withstands several minutes of constant impact from the ingredients. You can easily see through the material, too, and decide whether you want to extend the blending cycle or not.

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Note: Vitamix offers three other containers compatible with the base unit. These are the 48-ounce, 32-ounce and 32-ounce container; the last one is specifically designed for milling and grinding dry grains.

B. Blades

The four-pronged blades are made from hardened stainless steel and cut by laser for precision. While these aren’t as sharp as, say, chef’s knives, these can cut through frozen ingredients with ease within seconds. This is partly through the high speed with which these blades spin, thus, allowing it to chop, mince and shred carrots, broccoli and apples, among others.

These are also rust-proof so you can use the blender for several years. Proper care and maintenance of the blades in particular and the blender in general is a must, obviously.

Control Panel and Speed

The control panel of Vitamix 5300 isn’t fancy, far from it, since there’s no touchpad unlike in most high-end blenders. But there’s a big advantage in an old-school control panel, namely, it’s so easy to use even for users who are unfamiliar with Vitamix blenders. The control panel has three parts to it: first, a pulse switch on the left, a dial for the speeds (1-10) at the center, and the on/off switch at the right.

You can change the speed setting even as the motor is still running, too. You should turn on the Pulse mode for quick bursts of blending cycle while the variable speeds are for longer blending cycles. You will be able to make all the 70+ recipes on the starter guide, too, with these mode and speeds.


The Vitamix 5300 measures 17.2 x 7.2 x 8.8 inches from the bottom of the motor base to the top of the jar’s lid. It looks quite large but it works well since it’s stable and sturdy even with daily use. It can be stored in a standard cabinet or cupboard, although it may be necessary to separate the jar from the base motor.

Be careful about transferring the blender from, say, the kitchen counter to the cabinet. It’s fairly heavy at nearly 12 pounds so arm power will be necessary so as not to drop it.

The 2-feet power cord may or may not be of sufficient length in your kitchen. You can place it near the power cord so there’s no need for extension wires, and you can easily access it whenever you need it.

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Functionality and Versatility


The combination of powerful motor and hardened stainless steel blades make easy work of whole ingredients, such as carrots, pears and apples. Even the fiber can be shredded to pieces and, thus, there are no bits and pieces that will get stuck in your teeth. Such is the efficiency with which the Vitamix 5300 shreds through solid ingredients that the resulting smoothies can be passed through a sieve.

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There’s a certain satisfaction in drinking delicious and healthy juices whenever you want them, and this is what Vitamix 5300 can provide. It cuts through the solid ingredients easily and then incorporates the liquid ingredients into them, too. You can also add water and other liquid ingredients even when the blades are spinning into the jar with no spillage at all.

Frozen ingredients/desserts:

Making chilled desserts is easy with this powerful blender, too. You don’t even have to thaw the frozen fruits and  ingredients – just place the frozen fruits, chilled cream and ice cubes, among other ingredients, into the jar and create fruit sorbet, ice cream and even margaritas within minutes. You should use the tamper in removing ingredients stuck in the blades and scraping the sides of the jar.


We like that the Vitamix 5300 acts like a food processor since it can be used in making pureed baby food as well as dips and sauces. The baby food is so smooth that you don’t have to worry about your baby choking on a piece of fiber. You will like it, too, that your dips for chips and sliced vegetables are just as smooth.

Soup/ hot ingredients:

You can make warm soup from cooked vegetables and other ingredients with just this blender! The blades generate enough heat to make cooked ingredients warm enough to serve immediately after the blending cycle.

Chopping/food prep:

Chopping and mincing comes fast and easy with the Vitamix 5300, too. You can then use it instead of a knife to cut and mince fruits and vegetables for salsa and other dishes.


Why buy nut butters and ground grains from supermarkets when you can make them at home? You have the assurance, too, that your nut butters contain only healthy ingredients and without additives, flavorings and preservatives.


If you don’t have a mixer, you can use the Vitamix 5300 for mixing batter for waffles, pancakes and cakes as well as for kneading dough for breads and pizzas.

Noise Level

Many users say that some vitamix blenders generates a rather loud noise when it’s in operation. Tests have shown that it can reach up to 98 decibels, a rather high noise level. You may or may not be put off by the noise but here’s something to think about: You won’t be using the blender for long stretches anyway so it isn’t a major annoyance.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

A.  Operating

You will find it easy to use this blender because there are no high-tech knobs, buttons and dials – just the three on the control panel. You may also read the starter guide for more information but if you’ve used a blender before, this one should be a n0-brainer.

B. Cleaning

The parts of Vitamix 5300 cannot be disassembled for cleaning purposes. But you can clean it by pouring hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in the jar, turn on the blender and let it clean itself, so to speak. You can just turn it on at the highest setting for 60 seconds, pour the water into the sink, and rinse with water before letting it air-dry.

Warranty and Customer Support

This comes with a 7-year full warranty that covers parts and labor. The company even pays for the shipping both ways.

  • User-friendly, thanks to its simple control panel
  • Powerful motor that allows for a wide range of blending purposes
  • Sturdy and stable base with little vibrations
  • 10 speeds with pulse function
  • Sturdy and sharp blades
  • Easy to clean Blender
  • Modern design
  • Noisy operation
  • Too large for some cabinets


The Vitamix 5300 is an impressive kitchen appliance in terms of its size and performance. Its large size takes up quite a large space on a kitchen counter but that’s okay. It delivers on performance, particularly in terms of the medium to large batches of smoothies, juices and nut butters, among others, that can be made.

You may find it noisy, too, perhaps with more vibration than expected, especially when you’re holding it during a blending cycle. But keep in mind that the noise is a result of the powerful motor at work. You won’t be hearing the noise for more than five minutes, after all, when you’re making moothies and juices.

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