Vitamix 5200 vs 750 – Check which One To Pick & Why?

On this page, we’ve shared all that you need to know about Vitamix 5200 vs 750—finding the two options in the market can be challenging for you to pick the right one for you. However, after going through these comparisons and differences, you should find it easy to pick the right one for you.

On all fronts, the 750 comes above the Vitamix 5200 with some fantastic extras regarding its features and operation.

Quick Comparison Between Vitamix 5200 Vs 750


vitamix 5200
vitamix 750


20.5 x 7.25 x 8.75 in

7.72 x 9.41 x 17.4 in


2-peak HP motor

2.2-peak HP motor





13 lbs

12.46 lbs


20.5 in tall

17.4 in tall


Laser-cut stainless steel (3-inch in diameter)

Laser-cut stainless steel (4-inch in diameter)

Variable Speed



Preset Function



Self Cleaning




BPA Free Plastic

BPA Free Plastic


7 Years Full

7 Years Full


Price Now

What makes Vitamix 750 unique?

  • With a 2.2 HP and 1440-watt powerful motor, the Vitamix 750 performs excellently than the 5200 that comes with a 2.0 HP and 1100 motor. With the motor rating, the Vitamix 5200 can’t handle what 750 will handle easily.
  • The Vitamix 750 has preset functions, which is not found in Vitamix 5200. This preset function makes it very easy for you to be in total control of the blender even If you are far away from it.
  • The noise level of Vitamix 5200 can be a major turn off as it makes a lot of Boise like standard blenders. However, the Vitamix 750 doesn’t make noise but operates in a way that you can never get your neighborhood alerted of your blending activity.
  • The height of the Vitamix 750 comes with the consideration of those with short and tall cabinet as it boasts of 17.4 inches tall with the container, and the 5200 is 20.5 inches tall with the container in place. It can be challenging to store in the cabinet.

There are many more reasons Vitamix 750 comes above 5200, but we have few points listed above and below we have the similarities and differences of the two blenders.

Here you’ve got to know more about these two blenders, and we hope you get to find it easy with choosing the right one for you.

Differences of Vitamix 5200 and 750

Blending power

The blending power of the two blenders is different from each other. The truth is that the two can work and carry out the primary operation, but one can perform better than the other.
Vitamix 750 comes with more power to handle any task that requires the use of a blender.

It comes with a 2.2 horsepower and 1440-watt powerful motor that can handle anything thrown at it. While the Vitamix 5200 can also handle any blending task with its 1100 motor and 2.0 horsepower; but can’t match up with the blending power of 750.

Preset Buttons

The Vitamix 750 comes with five preset buttons on the blender that makes the blender perfect for all kind of operation such as for soups, smoothies, purees, frozen desserts and self-cleaning. With the preset buttons, you can walk away after setting the time duration required to blend the ingredient you have in the container jar.

Once the time set elapses, the blender will automatically shut off, and this feature is not present in the Vitamix 5200. It means you have to do things manually. So, for convenience, the Vitamix 750 is a perfect choice.


The price of Vitamix 750 is on the high end, and this one reason most people opt for Vitamix 5200 as they can choose to do away with the preset function option and power of blending. However, considering the convenience, the quality of Vitamix 750 and its features, it worth its value in the market. Getting it is never a waste of investment for commercial users.


Without a doubt, no one will ever want to overlook a blender that makes less noise for the one that makes an almost unbearable noise. 750 blender makes 40% less noise than the Vitamix 5200, which makes it a consideration for homeowners that don’t fancy disturbing their household with noise whenever they have to use a blender.

Similarities of Vitamix 5200 and 750

Powerful blades

The Vitamix 5200 and 750 both come with laser-cut stainless-steel aircraft-grade blade. Although the different sizes, the 750 are 4 inches in diameter while the 5200 is 3 inches in diameter. However, both are very sharp and tough to handle any blending task, but the 750-model blade will give you good performance with its greater cutting area.

Container jar

Both Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750 comes with a 64 oz container jar. From the appearance of the two blenders, the Vitamix 750 container is slightly wider than that of the 52oo, but the 5200 jar is taller than that of the 750 blenders.

Considering the height, it will be pretty hard to fit the 5200 containers with the base on the countertop, but the 750 will fit easily. However, both thus give you the platform to make enormous soup or smoothies for your family.

Control panel

The Vitamix 5200 offers ten variable speeds, which allow you to select the speed required to blend any ingredient manually. On the control panel is the on and off button, which you use to control the blender’s operation.

Also, the Vitamix 750 comes with a variable speed of 10 sets that allow you to determine the blending speed to your preference. Also, it has five different pre-installed blending programs, which contributes to the smooth operation of the blender. Furthermore, it has a pulse control button.

Weight of the blender

The weight of the blender’s worth consideration, especially if you have to move it from one place to another. Convenience is something you never want to trade with anything. So, the Vitamix 5200 weighs 13 pounds, while Vitamix 750 weighs 12.46 pounds.

The weight of the two are almost the same, and they are pretty easy to move from one place to another without hassles.


It is no longer new to Vitamix blenders comes with a system that allows them to self-clean. These two have the self-cleaning capacity, but the 750 has a cleaning preset button function, making it very easy for you to clean the container jar.

To clean the container jar, you have to pour a little quantity of liquid soap with water in the jar and run for about 20 to 40 minutes. If you own the Vitamix 750 blender, you can preset the cleaning process, but that is never possible with the 5200.


Both the Vitamix 5200 and 750 are safe to use for any food processing. Both are known to be made from BPA free plastic, making them safe for anyone to use. So, if you are using any of the models, you should rest assured that you are in safe hands.


The Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750 comes with seven years of warranty subject to change by the manufacturer. However, you remain covered and allowed to return the blender if it malfunctions due to a manufacturer defect during the warranty period.

Operation of the blender

When it comes to the operation of the two blenders, they are both capable of churning, blending, chopping, grinding and heating. The most important part of it is that they perform significantly with each of the mentioned. The only difference is that the 750-model work well than the 5200 because it commands more power and more incredible inches of cutting blade.

Accessories of the blender

Both of them come with a tamper, motor base, DVD, cooking book for a guide to help with the operation of the blenders and ensure you have the smoothest experience with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the five presets button function on the Vitamix 750?

The presets button on the Vitamix 750 control panel are the soup, smoothies, frozen desserts, purees and self-cleaning.

Does any of the two have thermal protection or an auto shut off system?

Well, we have no record of overheating with the two. However, the 750 model is likely to get hot if it runs for a more extended period, but it has an auto shut off system, which helps to ensure it doesn’t overload whenever you are using the blender.

Does spillage occur with the vitamin 5200 and Vitamix 750?

Sometimes spillage is one thing you can’t do without, and we must agree that they are always messy whenever it occurs. However, the Vitamix 5200 and 750 thus come with a cover lid that ensures the jar opening is tightly secured so that nothing goes out of the container jar.

Does the vitamin 5200 and 750 come with a digital display?

The two blenders do not come with a digital display. However, they both come with functions on the control panel that makes it relatively easy for you to operate the blender machine to your preference.


This page on Vitamix 5200 vs 750 gives an insight into all that you need to know about the two blenders. We have here for you the similarities and differences of the two blenders from the same brand, and we hope you can make the right choice through the information we have given above.

From our research and personal experience thus far, the Vitamix 750 comes ahead of the 5200.

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