How to Make Smoothies Without Yogurt

​Whoever said that eating healthy isn’t enjoyable clearly did not master the crafting of a tasty smoothie. Sure, not all of them are very healthy but with the right ingredients, they can easily be nutritious. These beverages are great treats for those who are committed to eating better because they’re very yummy, easy to make, and packed with nutrients.​One major component of the healthiest smoothies is yogurt. This ingredient helps bring in the consistency that smoothies are known for: smooth … Read more

Chia Seeds in Smoothies

​With more and more people trying to eat better nowadays, it’s not surprising that lots of healthy ingredients are gaining a lot of buzz. Most of them deserve the spotlight, especially since they can do a lot for one’s health and they can add excitement to meals.​One of the best examples of this are chia seeds. Derived from the flowering plant known as the Salvia hispanica which is a part of the mint family, it’s packed with lots of different … Read more

Vitamix Smoothie Recipes

So, you got your favorite Vitamix Blender and looking for an idea to make a fresh and healthy smoothie.  Then you have landed at right page. I m going to share an simple and easy to make vitamix smoothie recipe.​The smoothie that you can make with full of nutritious benefits. Below is a list of the ingredients:​2 cups of water​1 cup of liquid egg whites​8 whole frozen strawberries​8 TS of frozen rhubarb​8 TS of frozen blueberries​3 handfuls of kale​2  small/medium … Read more