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Complete Guide On Raspberry Ketone Plus

More than one third of the present American population are overweight while yet another third are considered obese. That means only 30% of Americans have a healthy weight. Conventional methods of weight loss, however, are difficult, expensive or invasive like liposuction, with 85% of individuals either failing or giving up while on a long-term weight loss program.

People who have the tendency to gain weight may have slower raspberry ketone plusmetabolism, don’t exercise, have diets that are high in sugars and fats or have medical conditions that contribute to excess poundage.

Most weight loss products are shakes and pill supplements. One of them is Raspberry Ketone Plus endorsed by Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz a.k.a. “Dr. Oz” in 2012.

The product has become very popular since that time, “the number one miracle in a bottle,” as Dr. Oz put it enthusiastically, mainly because inherently, most people are conscious about their physique.

What is Raspberry ketone Plus?

Raspberry Ketones are natural phenolic compounds found in red raspberries and used for weight loss as well as obesity. It Plus is a dietary supplement primarily made from these raspberry ketones that have been shown to have fat-burning properties. Although known by bodybuilders, it wasn’t until Dr. Oz spoke about it extensively on television that people became aware of the potency of raspberry ketones.

Based on the theory of nutritionists, the raspberry ketones in this supplement help increase the body’s production of the neurotransmitter known as norepineprine, the chemical released by the nervous system as a response to stress.

It is also known as the stress hormone because of its ability to affect other bodily organs.Increased norepineprine production stimulates the body’s metabolism to induce the breakdown of body fats or lipolysis. It has been shown to help decrease the fat in the liver and abdomen.

Benefits of Raspberry Ketone Plus

  • Burns fat for the body’s metabolism as well as stored fat for energy.
  • Helps boost the immune system against infections and diseases
    With no reported side effects.
  • 100% natural in origin.
  • Proven to be an effective weight loss solution.
  • A rich source of antioxidants necessary for the body’s detoxification.

How Does It Work

Pure raspberry ketones can help significantly in losing weight because they increase the lipolysis function of the body in promoting oxidation of the fatty acids in the body. This action prevents fat storage while, at the same time, maximizes the use of existing fat for energy. The fat contained in fat cells is difficult to utilize for energy, which slows down metabolism, but when the rate at which lipolysis functions is increased, fat passes more quickly into the body’s bloodstream and used up immediately as energy.

This weight loss supplement increases the level of the hormone known as adiponectin which regulates the metabolism of fat, or adipose, tissue as well as insulin sensitivity.

This in turn affects the body’s metabolism and energy consumption. The raspberry ketone extract has the unique ability of increasing the thermogenesis of the body’s brown adipose tissues, meaning, brown fat removes the calories from the normal fat and converts it into energy for use by the body.

When your body’s adiponectin levels increase, energy is readily available for you to burn. After you have lost your excess weight, it can help maintain your desired weight by preventing further fat absorption by your digestive system.

Your body’s adiponectin level will be lower if you’re overweight, making it more difficult for you to lose the excess pounds. Adiponectin can prepare your stored fat for conversion into glucose, something which is easier in a slim individual.

Adiponectin helps in the regulation of glucose so that it is gradually released into your bloodstream, suppressing your appetite, turning less energy into fat, and decreasing your risk for acquiring Type II diabetes. And while it does all these, it cleanses and detoxifies your body of toxins and other waste matter that weakens your immune system.

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Main Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone: 100 milligrams of pure raspberry ketones are in every capsule.

African Mango: helps lower low density lipoproteins or LDL a.k.a. “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides that can cause heart diseases.

Acai Berry Extract: with 10 times more of the antioxidant potency found in red grapes, it promotes the health of cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Green Tea Extract: another powerhouse of antioxidants, this helps boost metabolism and energy levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder: a versatile treatment for a wide variety of diseases including cancer, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Kelp: regulates thyroid activity that helps in the maintenance of the body’s metabolism.

Grapefruit pectin: water soluble fiber that helps significantly in cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system.

Caffeine: acts as a stimulant for the metabolism to function at optimum level while helping to increase energy levels.

Resveratrol: clinically proven to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk for heart and heart-related diseases.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Weight loss generally depends on the individual. The dosage recommendations from the manufacturers are indicated on the label, starting off with 100 milligrams a day for a week. Taking 30 minutes before eating a meal seems to work for most of the users; it is, after all, capable of suppressing the appetite.  Increasing the dosage should be gradual to allow your body’s systems to adjust to supplement.

Users who increased their dosages to 500 milligrams a day reported losing three to four pounds during the initial week of taking the pill and another three pounds within the next two weeks. On the fourth week users taking 500 milligrams per day of Raspberry Ketone Plus already lost six pounds. The results of how much weight one user will lose may differ from another because of the dosage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

With its all-natural ingredients, there has been no report of side effects regarding the use of the pill as of this date. However, if you have allergies to any of the ingredients, it is best not to take it. Individuals should note that since caffeine is one of the ingredients, the product should not be taken by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant and those who are under 18 years old.

To avoid potential complications, the individual should consult his or her physician before taking the pills, just to be on the safe side.


Each 100 milligram capsule of contains 100% raspberry Ketones. Dr. Oz has recommended a dosage of two capsules daily, preferably taken half an hour before meals, to give you the sufficient amount of pure raspberry Ketone to experience the maximum benefits of weight loss.Actually, you can get practically the same effects from eating raspberries for the Ketone content but you would have to eat over 90 pounds of raspberries every single day to achieve this.

That’s why it’s very convenient to have Raspberry Ketone in supplement form. Containing 60 capsules per bottle, it can last for a month if you take the recommended dosage of two capsules a day. Remember, though, that this pill or any other supplement for that matter, should not be your substitute for a well-balanced diet nor is it an alternative for regular exercise; that’s why it’s called a supplement. Combining an intake of the diet pill and a workout program can, in fact, yield phenomenal results in maintaining your desired weight after you have achieved the weight loss.

Where Can I Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Exercise caution when buying anything online, but especially so when the item is intended for your health and general well-being. Buying Raspberry Ketone Plus from other online stores will not guarantee that you are paying for the genuine product. There is a long line of unscrupulous vendors who claim to sell the authentic supplement.Don’t waste your hard-earned money by getting conned into buying this product from other sources. Get it only from its official website. Use your discretion and buy safely and securely online.


Stop wasting your time, money, and effort trying to lose weight by taking inferior-quality fat burners. It is your best bet for superior weight loss formulation that will effectively get rid of your overall flab and spot bulges in a no time at all.

With potent fat-burning capabilities, it will not only burn fat but convert stored fat into energy as well. Women and men serial dieters can now end their quest for the ultimate weight loss treatment that is affordable and reliable because with Raspberry Ketone Plus, your clothing size will be a minus!

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