Nutribullet Pro 900 Review

​The Nutribullet Pro 900 Review: Is This Model Worth Buying?

​The Nutribullet Pro 900 is a simple yet powerful nutrient and vitamin extractor, offering optimum pulverization of fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for a blender to help you lead a healthier life, or are keen on digestion-friendly smoothies, then this blender could very well be the best choice for you.

​Nutribullet is making a big difference in the blender world with their innovative technology and extensive research. Their focus has been on making healthy lifestyles more affordable and convenient. With over 50 million customers happy with their brand, we already have an idea of what to expect from the Nutribullet Pro 900.

nutribullet pro 900 series

​The Nutribullet Pro 900 is a high-speed, mid-powered, sturdy, and compact blender. It provides peak performance and maximum nutrient extraction for a personal blender. Its maximum nutrient extraction process involves completely breaking down the stems, seeds, and skin in your fruits and vegetables to retain most of their nutrients.

​Let’s take a look at the specifications this blender packs, to get a better insight into how it stacks up.

​Key Features

  • ​Product Dimensions: 7.72″ x 12.0″1 x 15.94″, Weight  5 lbs
  • ​Capacity: One 32 oz container, Two 24 oz jars and one 18 oz jar
  • ​Motor: 900 watts
  • ​Voltage: 120V
  • ​Warranty: 1 year
  • ​Materials: BPA-free plastic & stainless steel
  • ​Item Color: Champagne
  • ​Blades: Two extractable blade attachments
  • ​Functionality: Smoothies, sauces, nut butters, grinding
  • ​Cleaning and Care: Dishwasher Safe
  • ​Accessories:2 Lip rings, 1 flip-top to-go lid, 1 recipe book, 1 cookbook, & 1 pocket-sized nutrition guide

​Base Unit & Motor Power

​Nutribullet pro 900 blender packs a small and compact base saving you space. It fits anywhere in the kitchen which makes it a perfect blender for those with limited space.

​The unit is paired with a 900-watt motor which is more than enough for a personal blender. It is well-built, stronger and runs faster than its low-powered counterparts.

​900 watts is more than strong enough for personal use. It smashes through tough and fibrous ingredients such as whole foods, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts to produce the finest blended results.

​To avoid overheating, do not operate the blender for more than one minute on a single go. If you need to blend for longer, run only three (one-minute) consecutive cycles. Allow the blender to rest for 2 minutes, before running it again.

​A. The Container​

​Blenders with glass containers were the industry norm in the past, but most consumers now prefer plastic containers due to their shatterproof qualities.

​This modern blender comes with a premium quality 32oz container, made of BPA-free, high-strength copolyester plastic. The plastic is tested to withstand the high speed and increased motor power that comes with the blender.

​A large capacity 32oz container shortens your prep time by allowing you to make 4-5 cups at once. In addition, the container is scratch proof with clear measuring marks and a max line for blending ingredients. It’s is accompanied by a spill-proof lid that fits tightly on the top with a drop-in hole in the middle so you can add more ingredients mid-section.

​The blender also comes with two 24oz jars and one 18oz jar for those who like to drink their smoothies on the go. This, however, comes with the trade-off that they take up more space in your kitchen.

​B. Blades

​The quality of blades is directly related to the performance of a blender. This one comes with 2 patented stainless steel blades; the extractor blade and the milling blade. The extractor blade is for blending fruits and vegetables, while the Milling blade is for turning dry ingredients into powders. The blades are very sharp so make sure to handle them with care.

​Though sharp, the blades start to wear off within 6 months of daily use and you may need to replace them after that.

​Control Panel & Speed

​The Nutribullet Pro 900 has a high-speed of up to 25,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) as a result of its powerful motor. The high-speed blender does not have a control panel or multiple speed settings. It has to be controlled manually by pressing the container against the power base and slightly twisting it. This allows you to pause your blending process and give you control over its duration.

​Eliminating control panel and speed setting helps this blender achieve a sleek, polished look but your options are only limited to on and off. The blender lacks smart speed technology seen in newer models that allow them to speed up and slow down automatically.


​The model is flashy and powerful but still compact enough to save you kitchen space. Its measurements are; 7.72″ x 12.0″1 x 15.94″. Its size is ideal for a personal blender as it does not take much of kitchen counter space.

​Since its height is only 15″, the blender comfortably fits in standard and smaller kitchen cabinets. Due to its small base, the blender can be also stored on the kitchen countertop. This makes it a good fit for people with limited storage space.

​Weighing approximately 5 pounds, it is light enough to be transported easily. Unlike most other blenders with similar dimensions, the blender packs impressive speed and strength.

​It is important to note that though the blender is compact and takes up minimal space, it comes with a few accessories including 2 large jars and one small jar that that may take up more space in your kitchen cabinet.

​Set Inclusions:

​Nutribullet Pro 900 is available in a 15-piece set, 13-piece set, and  9-piece set. The 15 piece set includes;

  • ​1 power base, with a 900-watt motor
  • ​2  extractor blades
  • ​1 32oz container
  • ​1 24oz jar
  • ​2 18oz jars
  • ​1 lip ring with a handle
  • ​1 lip ring with no handle
  • ​1 flip up to go lid
  • 2 re-sealable lids
  • 1 pocket nutritionist
  • 1 user guide book
  • 1 hardcover book for recipes

​Functionality & Versatility


​​Smoothies are a superb way to add a ton of nutrients to your diet. However, a smoothie full of bits and lumps isn’t anyone’s favorite.

​This blender provides optimal performance for making smoothies and protein shakes because of its high-powered 900-watt motor and sharp blades. It completely processes tougher fruits and vegetables such as celery, ginger, and nuts, effectively mixing the pulp in your smoothies without leaving behind any chunks.


​Though commonly referred to as a juice and nutrient extractor, this blender, like any other certainly does not extract juices. The type of juicing the manufacturers are referring to is whole juicing, which is basically the same as smoothies.

​Frozen ingredients/desserts:

​This gadget smoothly crushes ice and frozen fruits, yogurts and sorbets. The more water you add to the frozen ingredients, the easier it is to crash the ice. In fact, the manufacturer advises not to frequently crash ice without adding any water to it, as it may cause the blades to wear off over time.

​In addition, if you want to save time, start out with cracked ice, it takes less time and is easier on your blades.


​Heavy-duty stainless steel blades and a good speed range on this blender allows you to puree items quickly. It easily mashes vegetables and fruits but make sure to add a little of the cooking water or any other liquid to minimize the strain on your blades.

​Soup/ hot ingredients

​​This model does not have enough friction its blades to make hot soup from scratch but it can confidently process already cooked ingredients. Prepare your soup with cold water and heat it up in the microwave or transfer it to a pot to warm it up. If you have to put pre*cooked ingredients into the blender, make sure to let them cool first.

​Chopping/food prep:

​To effectively chop food in a blender you require a slow speed settings and some control over the speed the blender runs at.  Since this blender doesn’t come with a low-speed function, there are certain foods that are not going to chop very well in the blender.

​For instance, if you are making salsa, it may be difficult to handle soft vegetables that need to remain firm such as tomatoes and you may very well end up with a messy mesh on your hands.


​Unlike its predecessors like Nutribullet 900 that comes with a separate milling blade, this model packs 2 extractor blades. The pro-extractor blade in this high-powered blender is designed to mill dry ingredients, so there is no need for a separate milling blade. The sharp extractor blades and the high-powered motor are capable of milling coffee beans, seeds, nuts, and herbs into powder.

​Dough / Batter:

​This high-powered blender is efficient enough to turn nuts into butter but the nuts will usually come out crunchy. It’s easier to soak the nuts first and then put them into the blender for ultra-fine nut butters.

​Do not use this machine for kneading dough as you’ll likely end up overheating it. It does not come with a dough blade accessory and the shape and size are not suitable enough for making dough.

​Noise Level

​​One of the advantages you will notice in this model is that it is much less noisy than other blenders in the same power category. When using a blender, a certain noise level is inevitable, and typically, the more powerful the motor, the more noise you get. Despite its 900w motor, the blender has relatively low noise.

​Ease of Use

​1. Operation

​Numerous customer reviews show that this is one of the best blenders when it comes to usability. It takes up less than 5 minutes to set up the machine and get it running.

​The blades are easily set it into the base, you only have to screw them to the container. Once you have screwed on the blades, turn the container upside down, push it to the power base and twist to engage the cup. Slightly twist it to get the blender running.

​The blender does not come with a button or knob. The button-less operation and one-speed function provides more convenience. All you have to do is put your ingredients on the container, fit the lid tightly and you are good to go.

2. ​Cleaning

​​This Nutribullet blender has a simple design that makes it exceptionally easy to clean. The cleaning process for the blender is as follows; remove the container from the base, twist off the blade from the container, clean the cup and blade with warm soapy water gently. The blender has a simple blade attachment system that makes it fairly easy to remove and clean.

​The containers and cups are dishwasher safe. You can also fill them with warm soapy water and give them a run in the blender. Please note that the extractor blades have to be hand washed.

​Warranty & Customer Support

​This machine comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts so if a problem occurs within the first year, you can take advantage of the warranty and switch it out. A 1-year warranty is relatively short compared to other blenders in the market. You can apply for an extended warranty with the manufacturer.

​Multiple user reviews show that the customer support from the seller is excellent. Their helpful customer care support is easily reachable and fast-paced.



  • ​High-powered motor
  • ​Easy to assemble, use, clean and maintain
  • ​A re-sealable lid to take on the go
  • ​Compact but still sturdy
  • ​Modern stylish look
  • ​Powerful, versatile blending functions
  • ​Interchangeable containers and cups
  • ​Re-sealable lids for taking on the go
  • ​Blades are not dishwasher safe
  • ​Not suitable for hot ingredients

​Final Verdict

​Overall, the Nutribullet pro 900, is a high-powered versatile blender that is easy to use, stylish, sturdy, and compact in size. It can easily blend smoothies, shakes and cocktails and even crush ice easily.

​This model a great addition for those looking to be healthier. Its quick juicing and smoothie making properties, portable jars, and re-sealable lids to take on the go make it ideal for more active users. You can expect smooth consistent results without much effort on your part. It can power through thick mixtures and will easily handle everything you throw at it.

​Whether you are kick-starting your day with a fresh healthy smoothie or are fond of smoothies, shakes, dips, nut butters, dressing, or even margaritas, this premium appliance is a great healthy option for you. This high-performance model gives you the best bang for your back with its optimum blending performance. For under $100 dollars, this product is one of the best in the industry when it comes to price-to-performance ratio.

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