Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ 1000 Watt Personal Blender

Let’s face it, most people treat eating fruits and veggies as an undertaking even if they enjoy healthy smoothies. Unfortunately, it’s also clear as day that most of us should up our intake of healthy food, so what can we do? Make smoothies, that’s what. With the help of a modern blender, this is entirely possible.

This is where the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ blender comes in. Somewhat of a cross between a regular and a bullet-style blender, this kitchen appliance is a reliable smoothie maker that can do so much more. Hailed as one of the top nutrient extractors in the market, you should definitely take a look at it if you’re looking for something that will help you have a healthier diet.

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

In this review, we’ll take a close look at everything this product has to offer.

Key Features

Let’s start off with the basics. Here are the key things you’ll get with this product:

  • 1000 watts motor
  • Auto iQ technology
  • Patented Pro Extraction blades
  • Digital LED screen for countdown timer
  • Soft-touch button controls
  • 3 functions: Pulse, Blend, Ultra Blend
  • 2 manual programs (Start/Stop and Pulse)
  • 2 automatic programs (Blend and Ultra Blend)
  • BPA free containers in 18 oz and 24 oz sizes
  • 2 Sip and Seal lids
  • Cord storage
  • Suction cup bottom

As you may notice, this product doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it has a number of promising features that you will not find in another bullet-style blender in this price point.

Base Unit & Motor Power

For every blender, the base tends to be the key component as it holds the motor. This part can determine the overall performance of the appliance, so it’s always important to be very particular about it.

The base of the Auto iQ sets it apart from the other top-ranking bullet-style blenders today. It’s not as simple as the others so you can expect to get more out of it.

For starters, it’s equipped with a 1000-watt motor. This makes it powerful enough to handle a wide range of ingredients, even harder ones like ice, frozen fruits, hard vegetables, nuts, and seeds. With its rating, you don’t have to worry about straining the motor when working with different kinds of ingredients.

While the base is made of plastic, it’s of the very heavy duty kind so there’s no need to worry about breakage. It’s heft is nice as it’s not too heavy so you can move it around but still good enough to stay still while in operation. Like other high-performance blenders, however, it has a suction cup bottom so you can easily secure it in place.


In combination with the base, of course, is the container. This product comes with 2 cups made of BPA-free, high-impact plastic. One has a 24-oz capacity and the other has 18 oz. Both will already let you whip up a sizable serving of whatever it is that you want to make with this blender.



A key feature that might interest many about this product is its patented Pro Extractor blades. It’s engineered for optimal nutrient extraction and can crush solid ingredients without breaking a sweat or getting chipped. It doesn’t look like other blades in the market right now, so it might really offer you better results.

Control Panel & Speed

What really sets the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ apart from other bullet-style blenders is its controls. This item actually has buttons while most of its competitors are only engaged by applying pressure on the bullet. While pressing on the container seems simple, having control buttons is preferred by many. It offers a more straightforward operation as blenders typically have dials, switches, and buttons.

As mentioned in the features rundown above, this product has four control buttons. They’re for starting or stopping the operation of the blender, for pulsing, for blending, and for auto blending. The first two are considered as manual functionalities while the other two are automatic. They use a countdown timer when engaged, so it eliminates the guesswork in blending ingredients. This is what the Auto iQ in the name refers to as it provides a smarter way to blend.

The speed of this blender is not specified in the listings but that’s really not an issue due to the technology it uses. Its Auto iQ feature makes it more responsive towards the requirements of your ingredients so it combines different modes while it operates. It can decide to pulse, blend, and pause when it feels necessary so you can get the best results. This means that there’s no fixed speed for it.

Set Inclusions

What are the other items included in the package? Here are the basic inclusions:

  1. 1 18 oz cup
  2. 1 24 oz cup
  3. Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor blades
  4. 2 sip & seal lids
  5. Instruction book
  6. Getting Started guide that includes tips on its use and recipes


This product is about 15 inches tall and nearly 7 inches wide. It’s bigger than other bullet-style blenders but it still won’t take up a lot of countertop space. Since it’s not too heavy, you can also easily move it around if you wish to keep it stored in a cupboard.

Functionality & Versatility

How well does it perform? To better explain its functionality, let’s discuss specific uses point by point below.


Bullet blenders are primarily created to help people to whip up smoothies with ease at home so the Auto iQ’s performance in this area can make or break some people’s decisions. Fret not, however, as this appliance does a wonderful job in creating silky smoothies.

The combination of its motor’s great power and its nicely designed blade allows it to achieve more than satisfying results. As it can crush frozen and hard ingredients, it also offers great versatility when it comes to the items you can work with. You can also check the best blender for smoothies we listed on our site.


Since this item is a nutrient extractor, you can also finely blend your green smoothies to turn it into complete juices. The motor power of the Auto iQ is more than capable of doing so and you can easily achieve the results you want with just one press of a button. With the Ultra Blend function of this blender, you can already get something lighter than your thick and velvety smoothie.

Frozen ingredients/desserts

There’s no need to worry if you wish to blend ice or other frozen ingredients for a sweet and cold drink. The Auto iQ is more than capable of handling solid items including ice and frozen fruits. It can easily crush the ingredients without you having to hold your breath and pray for the motor to pull through.


This bullet blender can also create smooth and silky purees with great ease. Its Blend and Ultra Blend functions will help you nicely process your cooked ingredients to turn it into a puree. However, make sure to let your ingredients cool down before putting it into the Auto iQ as this blender cannot handle hot ingredients.

Soup/hot ingredients

As mentioned above, pouring hot liquids is advised against for this product. Its bullet style might pose a problem to the container, so it’s best not to use hot liquids in it.

You can still make soup with it, though, as it can nicely puree all kinds of stuff. You’ll just need to heat up the output to make sure that you’ll enjoy a hot meal.

Chopping/food prep

Again, with its motor power, this blender can handle chopping and food prep without a hitch. The pulse function does a great job for this purpose.


Amazingly, this Ninja product can also grind and mill ingredients. The pulse function will come in handy for this function. It’s powerful enough that it will not take you too many pulses to get to the texture that you want.

Dough batter

Due to the size of the containers of this item, it might not be the best pick for making dough batter.

Noise Level

Blenders are loud, so you can expect the same thing from the Auto iQ. It’s definitely louder than other bullet blenders as well, due to its motor’s power. The plastic parts also tend to add to the noise.

Ease of Using, Cleaning

Most buyers of the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ will agree that it’s perfectly simple to use and maintain. It’s one of its strongest draws. But how easy is it exactly to work with? Allow us to elaborate.


Operating the unit is perfectly straightforward. The bullet-style may seem a bit daunting at first as it will require you to flip the container upside-down but you’ll soon get used to the idea. Just make sure to close the blade lid tight before you place the cup on top of the power base.

Placing the cup on the base is also a simple affair. You just need to align the tabs when you put the cup in and then twist the container to lock it in.

Running the appliance is also very simple since it has control buttons. You just only really need to press the function you wish to use and that’s it.


Like other bullet blenders, the Auto iQ is also very easy to clean. The lids are top-rack dishwasher safe so you don’t have to bother much with them. The underside of the blades are easy to get to.

What you need to be particular about, however, is the rubber gasket on the blade lid. You should remove it to be washed every after use. Otherwise, food will get stuck to it and rot.

Warranty & Customer Support

The warranty of this item is pretty limited and only covers its first year of use. Unfortunately, their customer support is also not that stellar, so it’s best to take excellent care of your unit to avoid issues.


  • Friendly price tag
  • ‘Smart’ features
  • Precise and fuss-free controls
  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy build and high-quality materials
  • Can easily handle different kinds of ingredients
  • Silky smooth output
  • Can get quite loud
  • Lids are a bit difficult to work with

The Final Verdict

One look at the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ and you can already tell that it’s cut above the rest in the bullet blender competition in the same price range. However, learning more about its features will further convince you that it can be better than your other options without you spending more. With its powerful motor, intuitive technology, and ease of use, it can certainly be the best pick for those who want to get the best value for their money.

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