Ninja Smart Screen Blender

Is the Ninja Smart Screen Blender (CT 650) Still a Top Blender in 2020?

A blender is a crucial kitchenware to have. Most people now prefer to consume their fruits and vegetables blended into smoothies. If this is your cup of tea, then a durable, efficient, and high-quality blending machine is an excellent kitchen companion. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current blender or a first-time owner, the right choice of blender should incorporate user-friendliness and enduring reliability for all your blending needs.

Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT 650

A blender is as good as its components, powerful high performing motor, multiple speed controls, and a wide range of functionality is essential to a good blender. The texture of the blend should satisfy your need.

Assembling and disassembling the blender for cleaning should also be seamless. It is a general household utility that even your kids should be able to use and clean thereafter. And for a first time user, all you want to do is follow simple steps and get your gadget running.

We will examine the suitability of the Ninja Smart Screen Blender (CT 650) to satisfy these needs.

Features Of Ninja Smart Screen Blender (CT 650)

  • 1000-Watt motor power for total Crushing
  • Intuitive long-lasting ouchscreen display
  • Auto-IQ Technology Program (4 Pre-set Programs for; Smoothies, Frozen drinks, Purees, and Ice Cream)
  • 3 Speed Manual Controls (Low, High, and Pulse)
  • 72 oz. Cruising Pitcher (Liquid Capacity; 64 oz.)
  • Material; BPA Free Polycarbonate Plastic Container and base, Stainless Steel Blades
  • Dimensions; 8.9 (W) x 10.8 (L) x 17.3 (H) Inches, weight; 8.07 lbs
  • Color; Black
  • 6 Stacked Blades
  • Safety Feature; Container and lid have to be securely in place to turn the machine on/off, 1-year limited warranty
  • Guides; User Manual, Recipe Book
  • Removal Parts are dishwasher safe

Base Unit and Motor Power

Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT650 is a relatively lightweight countertop blender. It has a broad base to provide enough stability when blending. Because of the plastic materials, it is relatively lightweight, so extra hand support may be required when operated at maximum capacity. Some users might find it bulky for its enormous height and relatively broad base, thereby occupying more storage space.

It has a whooping motor power of 1000 watt for your daily home use. This provides the power and the speed necessary to handle tough, as well as soft ingredients. The blades alternate spiraling around a plastic shaft, even though there is the use of robust Polycarbonate plastic rigorous blending of hard materials may reduce its life span.

A. Container

A bigger portion of the blender is the container, which is 72 oz and made from BPA free polycarbonate plastic. It’s relatively sturdy with high impact strength and resistance to ensure durability in various usage environments. Strenuous or rough handling will eventually produce scratches or cracks on the jar because it remains plastic material. You will also need to do a thorough cleaning with a dishwashing liquid to remove any odor that may be absorbed by the plastic.

B. Blades

You should be able to do soft and hard blends without worrying about the blades crumbling down with this blender. The six stainless steel blades alternate in a spiral along a plastic shaft in the middle of the blender.

The blades can plough through frozen materials, puree ingredients for soup, sauce, or dips, as well as give excellent and consistent smoothie texture. Stainless steel provides rustproof metallic parts for durable chopping components that maintain the flavor of the ingredients. The blade assembly can also be detached for easy cleaning.

Control Panel and Speed

The blender incorporates user -friendly Touchscreen control panel.   There is a pre-set 4 Auto IQ program with options for smoothies, frozen drink, puree, and ice cream. The machine also has a timer display that counts down to the end of the pre-set programs. If you have any other preference, you can engage the manual program providing for low, high, and pulse selection.

control panel

The Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT 650 is versatile in the various kitchen uses. The low, high, and pulse selections prime for different speeds to achieve the desired purpose. They control the motor speed of the blade essential in handling diverse materials and ingredients.

Set Includes

  1. One 1000 Watt motor base
  2. One 72oz. Polycarbonate Plastic Container with a lid
  3. One detachable six blades system stacked on a plastic shaft
  4. Recipe book
  5. User Manual


Polycarbonate plastics are malleable enough to be produced in different shapes and sizes. The bigger component of the blender is the container, which stands at the height of 17.32 inches. The container gradually widens at the top and therefore, can hold relatively large volumes in content due to the large size. On the downside, the blade component design takes a more significant chunk of the container space.

The container sits on a base measuring 10.82 inches in length and 8.86 inches in width. Its broad base provides enough room to ensure it stays steady on the counter. If you’re working on a small space for use and storage, its enormous size would put you off.

Ninja CT 650 is designed to be used as a countertop blender. The materials used to ensure that the overall weight is light. The blender is approximately 9 pounds in weight, which is relatively light. You will need to provide extra support with your hand in case of rigorous blending so that it doesn’t fall off the counter.

Functionality and Versatility

Modern-day blenders have functionality that makes them versatile one-stop-shop equipment for all you’re your blending needs. Ninja CT 650 has diverse functionality that makes it suitable for all your kitchen needs. The Auto IQ technology provides seamless usage even for first-time users, combined with the manual functions, it can be used for;


Functionality for preparing smoothie is pre-set in the Auto IQ program of the blender. It can blend frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables for your smoothie or protein shake needs using its durable hardened blades. Users have reported consistent, smooth, and creamy textures even after several months of daily usage.


If you want to make a nutritious drink from your favorite fruit, then this will be your go-to equipment. With its sharp blades, it can chop fruit or vegetable fiber into a fine thick pulp. If the result is too chunky, you can strain the pulp to make it less dense. It is primarily designed to be used as a blender as opposed to a juicer, so you’ll have to contend with a thick pulp blend.

Frozen ingredients/desserts:

Another pre-set program in the blender handles frozen ingredients from fruits, vegetables, and ice.  The 1000 watt in motor power and six stacked steel blades provide enough force and power to macerate frozen ingredients for your daiquiris, weekend margaritas, or desserts. It will cut the ice to a snowy texture when preparing frozen yogurts, sorbet, or ice cream for dessert.


The blender comes with an auto pre-set program for pureeing. You can make a mash or paste of your ingredient for making spreads or dips. If you’re making a sauce, you can add extra liquid to the mash to make it runnier. In case you are unsatisfied with the texture, you can use the manual setting to adjust the speed.

Soup/hot ingredients:

The functionalities of this blender does not include an option for heating ingredients. Some blenders produce enough friction when running to heat its content. You’ll have to heat the ingredients separately if you want them hot or warm. Even though the container component is made from sturdy polycarbonate plastic, it can only withstand so much heat.

Chopping/food prep:

This blender other than being used for pureeing and making smoothies, it can also do a decent and satisfactory chopping job when you select pulse function. It is ideally used when chopping and mixing ingredients for salads or dressings.


As much as this blender can handle tough ingredients, it is not recommended for grinding tough materials as hard as coffee beans. The result would be a rough texture with a reduced lifespan for your blender.


The blender is not manufactured with the functionality for kneading dough or butter.

Noise Level:

Because of its vast base power and the multiple rotating blades, the ninja smart screen blender CT 650 produces a high noise level#even when functioning at lower speeds. If used on a bare countertop, the vibration and motor sound amplifies the noise. Since blenders are used for a short period at a time, you can choose to substitute your comfort and go for this brand. Some users also recommend placing it on a rubber matt on the counter for noise reduction.

Ease of Using or Cleaning

Blender functions should be straight forward and basic enough to be used by anyone. This includes setting it up for a first time user and other everyday use.


You need to be careful when assembling the components for a fist time use. The blender employs a safety mechanism where it will only power ‘on’ when the container and the lid are securely in place. After assembling, other functions are straight forward.


Some components, including the blade and container, can be removed easily for cleaning. You can also add cleaning detergent, water and run it to self-clean. The removable components are also dishwasher safe.

Warranty and Customer Support

Unlike most electronic gadgets, this blender comes with a one-year limited warranty that excludes wear and tears from usage. Users report customer service has been unsatisfactory for after-sale services. You will likely incur extra charges to obtain replacement parts, which may end up increasing your cost as compared to buying a new blender.


  • Powerful motor for crushing frozen ingredients for making frozen yogurt, sorbet or snow cones for ice cream
  • Pulse function can chop ingredients as desired for dressing or salad
  • Easy to clean components
  • Tough Polycarbonate Plastic container
  • Pre-set Programs for easy use
  • Relatively large container to make bigger volumes
  • Durable and robust blade set
  • Louder compared to other blenders
  • Figuring the safety feature mechanism might be difficult for first-time users


The Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT 650 comes with Auto-IQ technology that presents 4 pre-set program for easy and efficient use. It has a beautiful design, excellent features and functionalities makes it an ideal kitchen companion for your blending needs. It might be a bit bulky, but you can forgo this for efficiency.

The blender also incorporates manual functions to achieve any other specific desired result. It is not suitable for grinding things like coffee to a satisfying texture. But overall, it is an excellent low budget blender for everyday home use.

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