Ninja Mega Kitchen System Bl770 vs Bl771 – Check Why BL770 Is Best

This page on Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 vs bl771 reveals all that you need to know about these two blenders. Ninja is one of the popular names in the blender industry, and it keeps on gaining its recognition for the quality of their blenders and the affordability.

bl770 vs bl771

So, we have dedicated this page to share with you some important things that you need to know about Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771. With insight into the comparison and the difference between the two blenders, you can always find it easy to make the right choice.

The Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 comes on top of the bl771 because it is versatile and it makes lots of things in less time.

What makes Ninja BL770 unique?

The Ninja BL770 comes with some quality handy accessories such as the food processing jar, the smoothie cups, XL pitcher, and the dough blade. It worth your investment considering the added accessories included in the package.

The Ninja BL770 has better crushing technology, which contributes to you getting rich and nutritional beverages than using Ninja BL771. Also, it makes beverages taste better.

The Ninja BL770 comes with 1500 watts powerful motor, which has Auto IQ, while this is absent with the Ninja BL771. The Ninja BL770 can pulverize ice into snow in less time than the Ninja BL771.

Differences and Similarities Between Ninja BL770 vs BL771


The design of Ninja BL770 and BL771 are quite similar in construction and design. They are designed with high-quality materials and that enhance their performances on all fronts. Both of them are perfect for frozen blending, nutrient extraction, and food processing. The difference between the two is that the Bl770 comes with some accessories that are not available with the Bl771.


The Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771 generate the same power as they come with 1500 watts motor and commands 2.0 horsepower. Both can crush ice into snow, but the result is faster with the bl770. The power they possess with crushing tough fruits and vegetables is second to none.


The Ninja BL770 and BL771 both come with a powerful blade that is made from stainless steel material. It is highly resistant to corrosion, rust and bending. However, the blade of the Bl771 is better than that of the 770 as it comes with chopping and dough blades.

On getting the exact blend of vegetable or smoothie that you desire without missing out on any nutrient, you might have to consider getting the bl771 because of the availability of the two extra blades, which are not present with the bl770.

Jar capacity

The Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771 both come with the same jar capacity of 72 oz. Also, both of them have the same food processor jar with 64 oz. While the bl771 has a bowl in a bowl jar with 24 oz capacity, this is not present with the bl770.

If you are planning on making a smoothie for yourself or your family, the two comes with a smoothie cup with a capacity of 16oz. The jars and other accessories make the two a worthwhile investment for anyone that is in need of a blender that can deliver to their preference.

Variable speed

When it comes to the speed part of the blender, the two comes with three-speed settings. It is known as variable speed, and it helps you to know the right speed for whatever you are doing with the blender. The three-speed settings work well for dough, crushing, and blending.


The performance of the two blenders is mind-blowing as they carry out what they are designed to do efficiently. If you want to blend fruits or vegetables, you just need to press the blend button, and if you want to crush ice, you just need to press the crush button.

Also, the tow has a pulse button which you can use to prepare anything whenever you are in a rush. The push-button thus delivers a great power to make anything in less time.

Noise level

From the application of the two blenders, they are known to make noise whenever they are in use. They both come with a powerful motor of 1500 watt and thus delivers great power at doing anything, which makes it gives operational sound.


One of the things you might consider as a significant turn off with the Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771 is that they only come with a year warranty. Unlike some other brands that come with more than a year warranty, Ninja has a limited lifespan.

Safety and guide

One of the things that Ninja put into consideration is your safety, and so both the Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771 comes with BPA free plastic, which makes it healthy to use for any food processing. Also, you’ve got a cookbook which serves as a guide for those who do not know how to go about making some dishes.


You’ve got to consider this with the Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771. Both of them are very easy to clean. You just need to fill the container jar with water and run the blender for 30 to 40 minutes, and then pour the water from the jar and leave it to dry before you store it.


If you are moving your blender from one place to another, then the weight should be one of the things that you need to give attention to. However, the Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 and bl771 don’t weigh much as both weigh 9.2 pounds which makes it easy for you to move from one place to another.


On this page, we have been able to give justice to the comparison and differences between Ninja mega kitchen system bl770 vs bl771. Both of them are known to be great at handling different tasks even though they have similar features. However, their differences can never be overlooked, which is the reason we hope our information can help you in making the right choice between the two blenders.

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