How Do You Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight?

Losing weight and keeping it off is a long process and it does not involve only your diet and regular exercise, but also your attitude. We often hear people complaining that they tried again and again to set up their goals but did not manage to reach them. This is caused precisely by the fact that they have not found the right motivation yet.

Find Your Determination

It is very important to start with defining that motivation, as it is responsible for the difference between success and failure. You need to question yourself until you really feel determined to make a change, then you must prepare yourself emotionally for the challenge. You need to understand that you must give up on your old lifestyle and adopt a new one, which involves a healthy diet and exercise.

Do not expect to lose weight overnight and never attempt to. It will take some time, as well as physical and mental effort. You must realize that you need determination and you must stay balanced and focused on your goals, in order to not give in every time when temptations arise.

If you succumb to cravings easily, you must work on your self-control. Think about all the reasons you have to lose weight and write a list; you must find ways to perceive them as desires, not obligations – this is very important. Losing weight must not be like a job where you have to do the right thing no matter what, but like a set of activities that you actually enjoy.

Set Rrealistic Goals And Design Your Plan

The next step is to start a concrete plan. Psychotherapists recommend focusing on the everyday behaviors that you want to change, such as eliminating sweets and very fat foods from your diet and start exercising regularly. Long term plans, such as “I want to lose Xpounds in a year” are not the best approach. Do not try every diet that seems interesting to you.

Simply stay focused on eating healthy, downsize portions and make sure you eat when you are hungry, not when you carve for something. You may struggle a bit, in the beginning, but after a little while you will stop from feeling deprived, as you will mentally get used with the new eating habits.

Picture Yourself In A Better Shape!

You should often imagine yourself slimmer, wearing a beautiful dress that you surely wanted at some point, but sadly it did not match your size. Imagine all the confidence that comes with having a better shape! You can also use an online simulator and create an avatar with your current measurements and a second one with the body size that you desire to reach. Look at them regularly and remember your goals.

Give Yourself A Reward When You Reach a Milestone

When the results start to show, celebrate them. Buy some new outfits or have a professional photo session – they will boost your self-confidence.

Finally, remember to not be too tough on youif you have a momentary slip, as it will not count so much on the general progress scale. Simply make sure that it is just a slip, now and then, not a habit.

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