How to Store Smoothies

​Wondering if you can make your smoothies in advance to save you some time in the morning? Let this guide give you the answers you need.

​Freshly made food and drinks are some of the best things in life but we have to admit that they come with a significant amount of work that not all of us are willing to exert and effort for. It’s tedious and time-consuming that if you live a very busy lifestyle, it’s just more a pain than ordering for some delivery.

​This is why meal prep really hit it big as of late. By teaching people to prepare their meals in advance, not only do they get to enjoy a healthier diet but they also get to save a lot of time and effort.

how to store smoothies for later use

​But can you do the same with smoothies? Since these beverages are very enjoyable, especially when made with healthy ingredients, it would be nice if you can whip up a large batch store some in your fridge for later. As fresh juice isn’t known for lengthy shelf life, it’s important to ask whether you can keep smoothies in your fridge without a hitch.

​How Long Does Smoothies Last?

​There’s no definite answer to how long smoothies last but since they’re pretty similar to fresh juices, it’s safe to assume that their shelf life generally lasts 12 hours at room temperature and 24 hours in the fridge. Depending on the ingredients of your smoothie, this can be shorter or longer.

​This is why, like fresh juices, it’s best to consume smoothies as soon as you make them. That way, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the freshness of your ingredients and you’ll get the benefits of their nutritional content.

On the other hand, it’s also not completely impossible to save some for later. With the right techniques, you can whip up a large batch and avoid wasting any.

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​How is this possible? As you would know, smoothies are not the same as fresh juices. You can make them without using any heat and they can be enjoyed very cold. And since high temperatures are effective preservatives for fruits and veggies, you can take advantage of it if you want to add smoothies to your meal preparations.

​What do you have to do to store smoothies effectively? We’ve listed down some of the best methods below, so check them out.

​3 Ways to Store Smoothies Effectively for Later Consumption

​1. Store them in the fridge in an airtight glass container.

​Since smoothies are a lot like fresh juices, using an airtight glass container to store some in your fridge would work wonderfully. This technique will help prevent the oxidation of the ingredients so they won’t spoil very quickly. Doing this will let you store your smoothies for up to 24 hours on your fridge.

​2. Freeze your smoothie ingredients.

​This isn’t exactly a method that you can use after making a smoothie but it might still work for some people who plan and prep their meals ahead of time. Instead of blending a large batch of smoothies and storing them, you can also just portion out your smoothie ingredients, pack them separately, and put the bags in the freezer. Then once you’re ready to have some, pop the contents of the bag into your blender then have at it.

​This will still have you take up some time in the kitchen every time you want a smoothie but it will significantly lessen the time and effort you consume in the process. It will also let you prep your smoothies up to 6 months in advance.

​3. Blend and freeze.

​If you want a more convenient way to prepare and store smoothies, you can also just freeze the smoothies you want to keep for later. You can use freezer-safe mason jars for this purpose and then just defrost it by moving the frozen smoothie to the fridge the night before you wish to consume it. If you want to have it for lunch, you can also just take the frozen jar with you and it will surely liquefy by lunchtime.

​This method will let you store your smoothies for up to 3 months.​

​Enjoying a Green Smoothie

Adding a green smoothie to your healthy diet will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable. Since these things are so easy to make and customize, you can be sure to whip up the exact thing you want to have without breaking a sweat. And now that you know how to store them effectively, they are now easier to whip up and relish.

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