The Best Travel Blender For Smoothies – Reviews and Guide

Best Travel Blender For Smoothies

Are you Looking For Best Travel Blender For Smoothies? Travel blender is basically an all-in-one mini blender that can be brought anywhere as it’s small and compact enough to fit in your bag. These blenders are one of the best investments for traveling around the world because they make eating healthy so much easier.

You can make fresh homemade food using only the freshest, local ingredients wherever you are. Fresh fruit or vegetables from your destination will be perfect for making smoothies that taste just like they’re back at home.

A smoothie is basically a blended fruit drink that is prepared using a solid base such as yogurt or milk along with other fruits and vegetables. When you want to prepare a smoothie, all you need is a blender and all the ingredients that you want to add.

Anyone looking to make delicious and nutritious smoothies on the go should consider investing in the best travel blender for Smoothies.

You can also fill them with ice cubes and make frozen drinks as well! One of the best parts about this item is that you don’t need to be near a power outlet, so you can use it while traveling.

You either have to do this item beforehand or ensure that you know it will be allowed on your airline when you are going through security.

10 Best Travel Blenders for smoothies Reviews

Blenders used to be a luxury reserved for smoothie lovers and expensive juice enthusiasts.
Nowadays, there are so many different types of blenders out on the market that it’s hard not to find one you love. But with all these options available in stores or online at your fingertips, what should we consider when purchasing our next travel blender?

Let’s explore some tips about how easy they are to use or take along without causing too much hassle, their affordability level, which will vary depending on your budget.

We analyzed numerous best Travel blenders for Smoothies out there and found some really awesome options worth checking out-so take a look below as I give top recommendations and why they’re among my favorites.

1. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

You can now enjoy your favorite smoothie or shake right from the sport bottle! The Oster BLSTPB-WBL Blending Bottle is a perfect blend of convenience and functionality.

Simply place ingredients in the inverted lid, screw on tightly to seal, and then press down firmly with one hand as you use the other for shaking.

The innovative design of this blending bottle means that you’ll never have to worry about spilling again when bringing it along for workouts outdoors or at home – not even during strenuous exercises like weight lifting where liquid might slosh out elsewhere if using another type of container.

Imagine your favorite smoothie or juice on the go! This 20-ounce sports bottle from Oster features a powerful 400 watts of power and 250 blending watts. One-touch blend action means you can crush ice anytime, anywhere with ease.

The built-in resettable fuse will revive the motor should it overheat while making your drinks for one hour straight (if that ever happens).

Recipes are included inside this instruction manual to get started right away – no need to buy another book before heading out the door! Product dimensions: 15 X 5 1/2 inches; cord length 16″.


Easy to Use
Powerful Blends everything
Minimizes clogging


Loose rubber piece at the bottom of the travel mug.

2. Wewell Portable Smoothies Blender

Blend on the go with this lightweight and portable hand blender! The 6-blade design of our personal-size smoothie maker blends your favorite ingredients together quickly for a perfect drink in less than 5 seconds.

Take it from road trips to picnics, or pack some pre-made shakes into lunchboxes–this is the ultimate mini blender that will fit anywhere.

This portable blender can quickly make delicious smoothies and shakes thanks to its 6 SUS304 stainless steel blades that run at 22,000rpm.

It is food-grade PCTG material makes it suitable for making both juices and baby food. This product supports 14 times blending on 3-4 hours full charge so you don’t have to worry about running out of power when traveling or camping (or just whenever else).

It also charges with many kinds of smart phones’ chargers which allows people who are always going places but without cables much needed by this machine a convenient solution.
Portable and energy-efficient, this sleek little blender is a must-have for any traveler. Its small size makes it easy to pack in your suitcase or purse with no hassle at all; you can take it anywhere!

The sturdy white enclosure has two power switches that control the speed of blending: one switch controls high-speed blending while another slower speed enables the best results when making soups, sauces, or baby food.

One full charge will last up to 3 hours before needing recharging (cable included) via USB cable from most smartphones chargers or computer ports which are perfect for charging on the go.


Powerful blending,
Compact design.


Parts cannot be replaced

3. TopAufell Portable Blender,

You can use this blender to make healthy, delicious smoothies and milkshakes for an on-the-go lifestyle. For convenience, while traveling or exercising outdoors, the mixer has a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours with continuous running.

With 380 ml capacity (about 1 US pint), you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite drink without having any annoying spilled liquid all over your clothes. The portable design is perfect when it’s time for exercise at home or away from home. Just take off the top of the shaker and blend everything in one go.

This mini blender is a must for anyone on the go. You’ll never have to worry about going hungry during your long workday again. With this device, you can make smoothies and milkshakes in just seconds, no matter where you are.


Easy to blend and mix
Easy to use
Small and Compact

Low Capacity

4. Electric USB Juicer Blender

A portable juicer in your hand! Make healthy and delicious fruit-based drinks anytime, anywhere with the electric USB Juicer Blender. Simply add water to a 380ml bottle (included), fill up juice cups or containers of any size, then insert them into the base of this powerful motorized blender for high-speed blending that will last you through multiple servings without ever having to plug it in again thanks to its rechargeable battery.

Recharge time is just 3 hours on average so there’s no need to worry about running out before making enough smoothies for breakfast tomorrow morning – perfect when life gets busy.

Juicer blender that juices your favorite fruits and vegetables with the twist of a turn. With 2000mAh rechargeable batteries, you just need to plugin for quick charging while making healthy juice.

It has 6 stainless steel blades which are sharp and durable so they can last a long time. Just add your fruit or other food into the juicer cup, then add some water or milk, press twice times to power on this machine easily; wait few minutes until it’s done you will get a nice clean drink at last without any hassle. There is one 380ml Juicer Cup included as well as 1 USB Cable


Easy To Clean.


Tendency to break or crack if not handled with care

5. Aitsite Portable Blender

Portable blender to take on the go with you and perfect for making smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, or anything else that needs a little blending.

Aitsite has the perfect blender for people who are on the go. Whether you need a quick smoothie or want to juice some fruit, they can help.

This portable mixer is also rechargeable and comes with mini blades so that it’s easy to mix without much hassle at all.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was always an Aitiste Portable Blender nearby? Now, thanks to these handy tools from this company, every single one of your blending needs is met by just taking out their personal blender for fresh fruits and vegetables; making sure every last chunk gets chopped up smoothly, thanks in part because of six 3D Blades. If you’re looking for something more specific like milkshakes then don’t worry.

Get your daily dose of vitamins with the Aitsite Portable Blender. This convenient blender comes equipped with a USB juicer cup that is compatible in more ways than one: it can be charged by power bank, AC adapter, or computer and takes 3-5 hours to fully charge up to 15-20 cups of fresh juice.


Needs only a USB cable to charge


Small Capacity

6. USB Electric Blender

The USB Electric Safety Juicer Cup is a neat and convenient way to create fresh fruit juice with just one touch of the button.

This juicing cup can be used in many different ways – from making iced tea, smoothies, or even tomato sauce! It comes equipped with 2 cups (each measuring 150 ml) that are perfect for traveling as well as being dishwasher safe.

The Fruit Juice mixer has an easy turn dial design so you’ll never have any difficulty finding your favorite flavor again With this portable mini blender’s interchangeable attachment blades it easily crushes ice into smaller pieces than most other blenders out there on the market today; resulting in smoother drinks without all those pesky chunks at the bottom of your glass when finished drinking them.

The USB juicer is perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have time to juice or blend. Simply plug this into the outlet on your computer, home phone charger, car adapter (sold separately), or any other device with an open port.

This juicer is ingeniously designed to prevent any mishaps. It has a double protection function which prevents anything from happening when the cup is completely fixed in place, and it also automatically stops charging so you can use your machine while it’s plugged into the outlet without the worry of damaging it.

The USB Electric Safety Juicer will not let you down with its ingenious design for safety that prevents all accidents, even if there’s no one around to help out.

The “double protection” feature ensures nothing bad happens when cups are firmly inserted securely inside this little contraption – plus automatic shut-off means once your juice gets done processing then don’t be afraid of plugging up or unplugging because nobody wants their device getting ruined.


Attractive Design
Cordless Function
Easy Cleaning Feature


Not suited for heavier shakes

7. OBERLY Portable Blender 2

The OBERLY is a powerful personal juicer cup. It includes six blades in 3D, a 13oz fruit mixing machine with rechargeable batteries, and an ice tray. The detachable cup allows for easy cleanup.

The portable blender 2 from Oberly provides you with the necessary tools to make shakes or smoothies on your go.

With this upgraded 4000mAh battery that can also juice fruits, it will always be ready when you are without having to worry about charging up during work hours.

The OBERLY blender is the ultimate gadget for any professional or at-home chef. Whether you are looking to make a protein shake, blend up some ice cream, whip up fresh fruit juice, or create an incredible salad dressing from scratch; this machine has got your back.

The extended battery life allows users to spend hours in the kitchen without worrying about power sources and with six different blades experts can achieve their desired consistency every time while keeping prep work as simple as possible by selecting whatever ingredients they want through a detachable cup that fits perfectly into its side chamber. Plus its lightweight design makes cleaning easy so there really isn’t anything not love about this product.

Our portable blender is perfect for any occasion and can make your favorite smoothies anywhere you want! Whether it’s at home, work, or even on the go while traveling–blend to your heart’s content. And don’t forget that this blender comes equipped with a carry-on friendly feature so you’re always set no matter where life takes you.


Comes with extra batteries
BPA free plastic


Price is slightly higher

8. Toycol Portable Blender

Blending your favorite fruit and making your own smoothie is not as easy for everyone. That’s why you need the Toycol Portable Blender.

It has a personal-size blender perfect to make any drink that will fit in its 2*320ml bottles (enough for one day).

You can also use it without worrying about electricity with its USB rechargeable feature. With six blades strong enough to crush ice into an icy mix, this portable blender makes getting protein shakes on the go or having access to fresh juice anytime easier than ever before.

Plus it’s BPA free and USB rechargeable so you can take your blender anywhere without worries about finding an outlet or carrying around bulky cords.

Toycol Portable Blender is a new and innovative device that can be used to make healthy smoothies on the go. With this blender, it’s easy to crush fruit or vegetables in seconds with its powerful blades, which will automatically stop when everything has been processed within the 40s.

You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to keep your drink cold because Toycol also includes an ice crusher option so drinks stay cool for hours.

Not only does this product include all these great features but it comes at such a low price point–definitely worth checking out if you love getting creative with recipes as much as we do here at The Daily Juice Company!


The blender bottle is dishwasher safe.
The bottle is BPA free,
Easy to clean with a removable top piece.


Might Stuck when blending ice or frozen fruit

9. BALLARINI Tesoro 2-in-1 Blender

The Ballarini Tesoro 2-in-1 Blender with Personal Cup is perfect to blend and make your favorite drink. It comes equipped with an 800-watt motor that can handle even the toughest jobs effortlessly. With its sleek cherry red finish, it’s sure to be an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

You can make healthy smoothies in your blender while at the same time enjoy an invigorating cup of coffee.

The Ballarini Tesoro Food Processor has 10 different speed settings and 3 pre-set programs to make making your favorite recipes easier than ever.

The pulse button on the side of this appliance is very handy for turning it on or off with just one hand. Whether you’re mashing vegetables into a soup, blending fruit together in smoothies, or crushing ice for frozen drinks, this food processor can handle anything that comes it’s way. It’s also really quiet while running which makes these tasks even more enjoyable.


Powerful 800 watts motor
3-speed settings and pulse
Large strainer for soup making
Cup lid with a built-in small blender blade to chop ingredients.
Personal Cup is BPA Free.


No timer or auto shut-off feature.

10. BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender,

The Bella personal size rocket blender is a powerful little device that makes delicious shakes and healthy drinks in the comfort of your home. With 285 watts, it allows you to grind up any food with ease as well as chop ingredients for cooking or preparing meals quickly without having to wash multiple dishes.

The 12 piece set includes two cups (one large and one standard), five stainless steel blades, three lids, one jar funnel lid cover/splatter guard, an easy-pour spout cap (for use when blending), all conveniently stored inside the included storage container so you can always find what you need at just a glance.

Bella does more than make delicious concoctions with their full line of blenders. Bella can take the stress out of healthy cooking and save you time on your kitchen prep by lending a hand in every kind of blender from the personal size Rocket Blender to Hand Immersion Blender.


Easy to clean and carry
Produces smooth results.
Preprogrammed button choices for making different types of blends or recipes.




These are some of the factors which you should consider when looking for the best travel blender for smoothies.

If you stick to these factors, they will help you to select a good travel blender that can make excellent smoothies anywhere in the world.

Blender container: A good blender has a sturdy, sealed, and BPA-free container. The lid of this blender must lock into place tightly so that your smoothies do not splatter out of the container when the blender is in use.

The container should be made of a material that can withstand high temperatures while blending your smoothie ingredients.
Blender blades: When looking for the best travel blender for smoothies, you have to look at how sharp and sturdy the blender’s blade is. Some brands use stainless steel blades, while others use high-performance, sturdy plastic blades.

These blades give you a better blending experience and will help you to create smooth and creamy smoothies.

Blender speed: The best travel blender for smoothies should have at least two speeds, one for mixing your ingredients and another one for pureeing your ingredients until they are completely liquefied.

Size of blender container: The size of the container is another factor that you should consider when looking for the best travel blender. A good blender has a larger blending jar that can hold at least 2 cups of smoothie ingredients.

This will allow you to make more drinks with one filling than smaller containers. If you are traveling, you can use the large blending jar to mix your ingredients and then transfer them into a smaller pitcher.

Other important features: There are other additional features that help you to make smoothies such as a travel lid, blade guard, carrying handle, and re-sealable lid.

These additional features are also very essential when assessing the quality of your blender.


Q. How do I clean my portable blender?

It’s generally not recommended that you wash commercial blenders in a dishwasher because of the high heat used there. You should instead hand-wash it to preserve its performance and ensure its longevity. Here are some tips on how:

Be sure to remove the blades first. This is because they are usually affixed with screws and can easily get damaged if you wash them with other components of the blender. You should also use special mild detergents to avoid damaging the non-stick coating of the blades and containers.

Q. How do I pack a portable blender in my bag?

It’s actually extremely easy to do. The best way is to get a carrying case for it. These cases are lightweight and compact and can be used to store the blender itself and your other accessories (if you have any). The only downside of these cases is that they need to be airtight to avoid damage.

Q. Is blender allowed on airplanes?

Yes. As long as you can check it in and secure it, there should be no issues.

Q. How do I pack a portable blender in my bag?

It’s actually extremely easy to do. The best way is to get a carrying case for it. These cases are lightweight and compact and can be used to store the blender itself and your other accessories (if you have any). The only downside of these cases is that they need to be airtight to avoid damage.

Q. Is blender allowed on airplanes?

Yes. As long as you can check it in and secure it, there should be no issues.


The smart travel blender for smoothies comes with a powerful engine and great design that makes it perfect for a multipurpose blender.

It is ideal for making healthy breakfast drinks, which include soups, milkshakes, juices, and much more. It comes with a one-touch operation system that makes it super easy to use while on the go.

Moreover, it is very easy to clean and maintain this blender. With great speed control settings, you can adjust the blending power from smoothies to grinding tough ingredients. A perfect travel companion for your everyday activities, be it on a boat, bike, or car. If you can invest in such an appliance it is really worth the money.

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