The Best Liquid Base For Smoothies

​Possibly you have made smoothies several times and use different types of vegetables and fruit, and now your intend is to include some liquids in your smoothies.


​Most of you possibly add ice cubes or water to give some liquid texture and consistency to your smoothies. In fact, basically there are plenty of options available when deciding on the correct liquid bases.

​Choosing a correct liquid for making a healthy smoothie can easily make or even break your smoothie. It can ascertain the correct balance which usually exists between all components once they come to a blend. More on that, a selection of a base can also add more flavor,nutrition as well as support creaminess.

​1. Fresh Juice

​If you want your smoothies to be flavor fulll then it is best option to use Fresh juice. Juices are a terrific option for substantial amounts of vitamins added onto the smoothie. Fresh juices like grapefruit consist of 96 calories per 8-oz.

fresh juice

​Some other fresh juices like lime have 60 calories per 8-oz. Fresh Juices may possibly consist of an average 25% Vitamin C & 25% of Vitamin B-6. The sole draw back of using juice is excess calories and sugar.

​2. Water

​Of course we all may accept, water is the most secure as well as the least difficult choice to put in your smoothie. As  water is colorless, flavorless, & it’s not going change the  taste of your smoothie.


​Adding water as a liquid base is also means zero calories, So, no need to worry about extra calorie in your smoothie. The only draw back of adding water as lquid base is, you won’t get creaminess and flavor.

​3. Coconut Water

​Coconut water is a necessity with regard to making smoothies. Coconut water ensures about 255 mg of sodium to your diet plan. This is certainly more than the specified daily intake. Coconut water is rich in potassium,2.6g fiber, 8.9g carbohydrates, and cholesterol free.


​It is most popular option to add Coconut water as liquid base to make a healthy,organic and energetic smoothie.

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​4. Almond Milk

​​Almond Milk is an effective source of calcium, and vitamins A,E and D. With Vitamins A and E boosting immune system and safeguarding the body’s cells from destruction, and Vitamin D assisting you to develop strong bones,this milk is a marvelous liquid base to use to get nutritious benefits of your smoothie. It also help to make your smoothies much creamy without adding any unhealthy fat.

​5. Dairy Milk

​One of the primary advantages of using dairy milk as a base in smoothies is creaminess. The thickness of the milk increases the creaminess of the whole fruit blend.

​As you know,Milk is probably the best animal-based food having optimistic nutritional effects. Dairy milk is all about the calcium for developing stronger bones. Milk also offers a solid flavor that can cover up the taste of the veggies in a smoothie.

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​6. Watermelon Water

​Watermelon water is on of the top priority liquid base for many people. As watermelon consist of highly effective antioxidants and plenty of electrolytes such as calcium,potassium and magnesium to help you get hydrated fast!

Watermelon water

​Watermelons help fight blood pressure levels and also enhance the health of both bone and joints  Depending upon how many watermelons you utilize in your watermelon water, you can make a drink yourself a with up to double the fiber and potassium than in a banana!

​7. Coconut Milk

Almost like almond milk, it is ideal for making a ultra rich and tasty smoothie.This milk originates from the strong tissues of the coconut, in fact it is dense in nutrition. The amazing fact here is that as the coconut becomes older the water hardens into the meaty portion.

coconut milk

Coconut milk is considered as one of the best solution in order to get healthy skin and hair as it contain very high level of Vitamin C. Make smoothies which will get you shining from the internally with this amazing milk alternative.

It is an exceptional option for creaminess. with  5.4 gm protein, 5.2 grams of fiber, 13.2 gm carbohydrates, and 631 mg of potassium. It is the most effective choice of low to medium chain fatty acids.

8. ​Rice Milk

​Rice milk is a exceptional option for people looking for a certain amount of excitement along the way. It is derives from the rice grain and it has a unique taste as compared to the other forms of milk available.  Rice milk creates an excellent, rich and creamy filler within a smoothie or shake. It i loaded  in carbohydrates, therefore it is among the finest milks if you’re planning to mix up a meal replacement.

​9. Soy Milk

​In case you are  familiar with the taste of soy milk, then this is definitely worth trying. Soy milk contains the ideal amount of protein, calcium, iron, and it’s also lactose-free.

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